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New Year's Eve escort girls

Wow, it is nearly 2020! 

We can not believe it; time flies, especially when you having fun with our escort girls;). Like yesterday we remember our New Year's party entering 2000 

(we were very young then). We were imaging the world in 10, 20 years with flying cars and people communicating telepathically. Here you go to 2020! It seems that the world speeded up significantly. We have high technology; we had Steve Jobs innovations, and most likely Tesla will introduce flying cars to masses soon :) Although some countries in the world, especially the Middle East, suffered a lot. But our Planet Earth is being looked after like never before. Veganism is booming, earth and ecologist protectors are heroes, and we have entered the spiritual era without any doubts. After consumption and all about me times through the whole 20th century, we began the "We are all One" era. We hope it will stay this way, and people will release all negativity and embrace this unity movement. Our girls are doing different types of spiritual healing courses like Reiki, Sekhem, or Gaia. We overheard somewhere that 2020 will be turbo speed year.

Miss Escort prepared special New Year Offer for our dear customers! 

We will not let any of our client to be alone during this particular time. 

All our New Year's Eve escorts will stay an extra hour extra for each hour booked. Offers like this do not happen twice, so get in touch and book your favourite New Year's Eve escort model today.

We wish all our customers, our girls and ourselves all the best, lots of Love, Money, Happiness and achieving our dreams with ease.

Happy New Year to All!

New Year's Eve Escort girls.png

Madame Bella

Madame Bella is the most famous madame in London these days. She still operates an old fashion way, meeting clients and showing them girls portfolios. Madame Bella is a proper Bordel Maman with the most stunning and unique courtisanes!

As we heard, her mistress' rates start from £1000 for the first-hour meeting. Yes, she is real and still in business since the '80s or '90s. Who knows? In the London escort industry, she is already a legend. 

Miss Escort Madame Bella .jpg

An estate agenct for escort men and escort women

We came across an article about an estate agent agency for escorts in London. Although this content does not seems genuine, we think it is an excellent idea. One of the estate agencies in London should be braver and have these niche services. If we are not wrong, there are hundreds of escort agencies with thousands of independent escorts offering incall services. So as you can see, the demand is enormous, and these people go through many difficulties to get a flat in a good location. Would it not be much easier if the agents cooperate with some reputable, well-established escort agencies in London to help these young girls and young boys? And we do not mean that an agency should be involved in the process. However, an agency could provide the references and would feel more responsible for what type of clients they send to these escorts. In general, working girls are excellent tenants, paying on time and keep their flats to a high standard.  The estate agency for escort men and escort women in London is something that this industry is missing!

The estate agency for escort men and esc

Law Firm for escort agencies and escort lawyers

If you get in trouble as an escort worker, client using escort services or as a escort agency, there is an outstanding law firm for escort agencies. 

Hodge Jones & Allen solicitors are specialists in sexual defense, sexual freedom, and defense escort agencies if they get in trouble with police or Revenue. It would help if you remembered whoever starts a dispute client or call girl, the agency is first to blame. Unfortunately, this does not change, and as a smart escort agency owner, you need to be prepared for all kinds of scenarios and have contact with well experienced in escort field lawyers.

Hodge Jones & Allen solicitors are regarded as a Law Firm for London escort agencies and London Escort Advocates.

Law Firm for escort agencies.jpg

Miss Escort Name

Coming up with the right name for your business is not easy. The fact is that the most uncomplicated and easy names to remember are the best. However, when you have to do it yourself, it is not so easy at all. If you enter such a competitive industry and escorting business is, it seems that all the proper names are gone. Nevertheless, it turns out that we were mistaken. After thinking for a while, Miss escort popped up to our head, and quick research showed no one was using it. We believe it is an excellent name for our escort agency, easy, simple, and on the subject. There will be no misunderstanding what we about, and at the same time, we do not have to look so obvious. 

We wish our Miss Escort every success, plenty of happy escorts, and a lot of satisfied clients.

Escort Dream

Did I dream of becoming an escort or running an escort agency? Oh no, but life is full of surprises, and although I was trying to do different things somehow, I kept coming back to escorting!  Being involved in the Escort business gives you financial freedom like any other profession. Does money not bring happiness? Well, maybe the money itself will not make you happy. However, you can focus on all the different needs, desires, and dreams you have when you reach financial freedom.

Let us have a look at Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Firstly we all need to fulfill all our basic psychological needs like food, water, sleep, breathing, and sex. Secondly, we need to feel safe, have a resource, employment, health, and place we called home. London is a beautiful place full of opportunities, and nevertheless, if you struggle to pay your bills, leave in a place you do not like, and work long hours in a job you do not enjoy, you can focus and enjoy your life. For sure, you will not have time to enjoy your life, family, friends, building your self-esteem, and the most important you will dare to reach your dreams or take any risk in life.

Do we blame beautiful young girls wanting to become a call girl? Nope! Escorting a job gives a short cut in life to provide them with tools to progress in life in speed. All our newcomers are fully supported, informed, and introduced to all aspects of the companionship job before they meet any clients. If you a young girl reading this now, feel free to contact ask any questions, and we will guide you through it. Miss escort agency is here to help you!

Escort dream-maslows-hierarchy-of-needs-

Escort Christmas Gift

We have a special offer this Christmas " book an escort as a Christmas Gift." You can book an escort lady for yourself, your friend, or a family member as a Christmas present. Our Christmas escort girls have their sexy Santa Claus uniform ready and can arrive as a Christmas surprise anywhere in London and the UK. We have a few surprises for our Christmas clients, for instance, additional time free of charge, depending on the length of the meeting. Each lady will have a sexy Christmas gift for you. No, you can't know! 

Furthermore, we have another special Christmas escort services for customers planning a Christmas party during this holiday break. 

We can organize a group of Christmas escorts, and for longer meetings like overnight (min 8hours), there will be 4 hours free of charge. So, in the end, you will get 50% extra time for free as a Christmas present from the girls and the agency.

If this is something you will be interested in, please get in touch with our office team, and we provide the list of escort ladies participating in the holiday offer. 

This exclusive escort Christmas offer starts on the 24th of December and ends on the 27th of December 2019.

Christmas escort gift.jpeg

Double Life

Most of the escort girls have two lives, and they are very good at keeping them separately — the true-life accepted by their family, friends, and coworkers and the secret life. In the secret life, they have a different identity, new names, escort friends and bosses, expensive and sexy clothes. It would be best if you were a bit like an actress in the escorting world. A London escort girl wrote Violette's blog, and we highly recommend every girl wanting to become an escort to read it. 

Escort Double Life.jpg

Lesbian pattern

We are running an escort agency for a while, and we have noticed quite an interesting pattern. A vast number of escort women are lesbian, and quite often lesbian couple offers their escort services. What is it that lesbians are more open-minded and open to escorting jobs than heterosexual girls? Can not claim we have an answer. However, we assume lesbian girls are more open-minded, less judgmental, and free from a stereotype. Also, maybe more adventures. I just found this an exciting pattern worth mentioning.

lesbian pattern3.png

UK National Escorts Association

The UK is one of the rare countries where prostitution is legal. And for that reason, the escort industry is run like any other business. Escort women and escort men have full legal protection; likewise, the clients. An escort agency is slightly in a more challenging position, and it needs to follow specific rules. Every UK escort agency needs to operate as a booking agency, and all escort needs to have their apartments and work as a self-employed. We think it is a significant government solution for human trafficking and doggy pimps from the UK scene. Before becoming an escort or starting your escort business, it is good to do some research. There is an excellent organization for escort people and escort agency owners like UK National Escorts Association, which offers guidance for all involved in escorting business.

UK National Escorts Association.png

Creative writing

We frequently are updating the miss escort journal with new ideas because we would like to share exciting things with the world. For that reason, we are welcome anyone wishing to have a guest article in our journal, regardless of profession or industry, although escort relating articles are preferable. The minimum length of words we require is 600, and the content needs to be 100% unique. Once approved by our team, it will be published immediately. 

creative writings.png


Welcome to Miss Escort, our new London escort agency. Our brand new website brings some fresh air to the escort industry. Miss Escort reflects youth, fun, and lightness, and we had a lot of fun creating it. 

Miss Escort site is straightforward to navigate with the girl's portfolios on the landing page. Clients looking for some specific escort services can find everything in favourites and the one who is looking for escorts close by can browse them in Escort near me. Our sweethearts decide about their prices with our approval, of course, and you can search them by their rates in Donation sections. We enjoy filling in our escort page with gossips and news from the Escorting World on What's On page. However, the Journal page is very personal, and it is not only a blog, but we also share our thoughts, notes, experience, and everything we find interesting, informative, and useful. Last but not least, Let's Talk page is our contact page. It contains booking form, model casting information, and our email if anyone prefers to talk via email than over the phone.

Miss escort team is professional, experienced in the escort industry and more than happy to be at your service :) 

Miss Escort.png

Insurance for sex workers needed

We have to contact a few insurance companies on behalf of our girls to find out if they can get proper insurance. However, we didn't get answers we hoped for, and for that reason, we are writing that there is another gap in the escort industry. Why sex workers are unable to get work insurance as other professions can get.  Why shouldn't an escort have a public liability cover and insurance from damage or an accident while on a job? If the escorting jobs are legal in the UK, then why so many industries behave as it was not and did not offer the same services for sex workers? Every escort person should have their flats register as a working place and have a public liability while doing incalls. Also, insurance while they do outcalls at the client's location, regardless if this is a hotel or client's private apartment. Insurance for escorts girls could be one of the most profitable niche services for insurance companies if they humble themselves enough to acknowledge that. The escort industry is worth around two billion a year in the UK. Other businesses could benefit significantly from customizing and addressing their services to escort men and escort women.

Insurance for sex workers needed.jpg

Halloween party

We had a fantastic Hallowing party at Novikov this year! All our miss escort regular clients were impressed with our girl's creative Halloween sexy costumes. Monica was a winner wearing Queen of the Night uniform. However, we were unable to pick the best sexy outfit because all our gorgeous girls looked outstanding. Cassandra showed up as a Maleficent Witch, Abbey as Little Red Riding Hood, and Veronica as a Caribbean Sexy Pirate. Our dear Miss Escort receptionist amazed us hugely with their Sexy Vampire and a Sexy Wander uniforms. It was fun to have a Halloween party and have a night out together. All our escort ladies have a wardrobe full of sexy uniforms available, and among the most popular are Nun, School Girl, Secretary, and Sexy Police Woman. 

Do not wait for another year, and booked your Halloween mistress today!

Shemale escorts

Shemale refers to transgender women, with male genitalia and all other female attributes like breast or hormone level, and never undergone genital surgery. 

We have spoken to our girls, and what we found out that some of the girls sharing an apartment with shemale escorts have 50% the same clients. This news tells a lot about people's sexuality, so half of our clients using female escort services meeting shemale escorts as well. Whenever you talk to people about their sexuality or sexual identity, most of them get stiff, and this explains a lot. Bisexuality is still new terms, and people confuse it with confusion, being indecisive, half gay, or half straight. Bisexuality is sexual or romantic or both sexual and romantic attraction to both genders. This attraction to each gender may vary in terms of intensity. 

One of the Gay and LGBTQ activist influencers said that truely heterosexual people are only 5% and gay 5% of the whole population. The rest 90% are bisexual on the scale with different shadows of bisexuality, and it starts from the subtle sexual attraction to intense sexual attraction to the same gender and minimal attraction to the opposite sex. 

It is not surprising that Shemale escorts are in such demand among our clients.

Shemale escorts in high demand.jpg

You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free

Relationships between people are not easy, especially the closest one. Love relationships should be built on mutual respect, honestly without possession or dependency. As Vietnamese monk, Thich Nhat Hanh said: "You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free." Companionship agencies offer a taste of how a perfect relationship should look like among people. Of course, many would say it is only an illusion; however, a perfect illusion of a relationship worth experiencing it and much wanted in real life. Miss escort is pleased to offer an escort experience of the ideal companion, happiness, and absolute freedom without fear of rejection, judgment, and abandonment. 

Miss escort ideal relationship.jpg

Poker Face

Sex is an important factor in our lives, and this is why we see many benefits of using escort services. Escort services are not only about sexual services, although they help men physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are several psychological benefits which can not be accomplished throw physical encounter. Many of our clients are top professionals, prosperous businessmen, public figures, and CEO of top corporations.


Just imagine being one of our clients and always being watched and judged. Imagine keeping standards, being consistent all the time, and living under pressure without dropping your guard.


We are all humans, and we want to have some fun, be silly sometimes. Do not worry about what others think about us or how our behaving will affect others or our reputation. One of the great benefits of companionship services, you can have fun, be silly, do things that people from your professional world would call it stupid, or at least inappropriate. Escort girls do not bring their problems and do not want you to be a director or problem-solving executive, and you can relax and enjoy yourself whichever way you want.

Let's have some fun! ;)

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