Fluffy Bar-baa-ra Sheep has won!

    Booking an escort to your 5-star hotel room can be slightly intimidating if you never used hotel escort services before. Many of our regular clients have their favourite hotels in London where they feel comfortable to arrange a meeting with an escort girl. We have asked all Misses Escorts to recommend the most female-friendly five stars hotels. Top-class hotels in London are all independent from each other, and their approach to clients meeting an escort girl at the Hotel hugely varies. Gladly thanks to our lovely girls, we have come up with the list of call girls friendly hotels with tips on how to organise the escort meeting.

    The Goring Hotel

    15 Beeston Place, SW1W 0JW

    The Goring fluffy Bar-baa-ra Sheep will wait for you lying on the bed. Every single time Bar-baa-ra is a perfect subject for starting a conversation, so we both relax very quickly. I have a flock of Bar-baa-ra sheep, and I am always happy to receive outcall to the Goring Hotel, and all my clients are happily letting me keep Bar-baa-ra. The Goring Hotel location is beautiful, just next to Buckingham Palace Garden on a quiet street. Hugely rewarded Hotel for many things, and you can feel the hospitality from generous and train to the highest standard staff. Every time I have a chance to ask the client why he chose this Hotel, I received almost the same answer, it feels like home. From my side, I have never felt unwelcomed, or was I asked too many questions, the staff is super polite, and you won't spot any sign of judgment. Can state that this luxury hotel stands out from the rest by being creative, welcoming, and committed to serving their hotel guests. The Goring Hotel is my number one working girls friendly 5-star Hotel in London!

    Rowan, Miss Escort exclusive model

    The Soho hotel

    4 Richmond Mews, W1D 3DH

    Refuel Bar and restaurant at the Soho hotel is superb! I was lucky to have parties in the Private Indigo room and once in Sandra Blow's room. Do you know about hidden The Crimson Bar? You are out of public eyes, and I would give them seven stars for the service. Also, there are two screening rooms, and it is incredible to watch your favourite movie, just 2 of you. Super romantic experience, although escort services are not about being romantic! Some of our clients are romantic and need that girlfriend experience. Whenever I get the message about outcall to The Soho hotel, I am super excited about seeing another stunning room. Check the designer Kit Kemp's website, so you know what I am talking about to you. Is it the most escort friendly 5* hotel? Well, I have been to more welcoming hotels. Nevertheless, The Soho Hotel is the one I want to come back to again and again.

    Cassandra, Miss Escort Lady

    Dorchester Hotel

    Park Lane, W1K 1QA

    It is not escorting friendly five* hotel for a working girl, the receptionist watching you closely, and make you feel you are only a hooker, not a hotel guest. Despite that, I always feel like I am in Downton Abbey movie or Buckingham Palace whenever I enter the lobby. The walls are probably 10 meters high, and you feel like the time stopped 100 years ago, and you just joined the upper class or a Royal family dinner. Make sure you dress the best you can so you won't attract too much attention, and it is always better to arrange the meeting at the lobby so the clients will not feel uncomfortable if reception wants to verify where are you going. Always check if you need the key to the lift and be confident and know where you are going, do not feel intimidated, or feel lost. If you lucky and you will get an invitation to the Dorchester spa, you will see the most luxury spa ever. Carol Joy London Pure Collagen and Oxygen with Diamond Touch treatment are worth every penny; it is five star luxury in Mayfair.

    Jessica, Miss escort Mistress

    The Bulgari Hotel

    I have a favourite regular sweet client, always staying at The Bulgari Hotel, and I like staying with him. I would not go there by myself though, the hotel staff is a bit stiff and does not let you go to the room if you do not have full details of a hotel guest, so every girl needs to prepare for it. They close the front door about 11 pm, so it is better to meet the client before and the best if you can spot some guests waiting for the lift so you will skip all unnecessary questions like “Who are you visiting?” etc. How the hell they know I am visiting someone; maybe I am staying at the Hotel! Anyway, It is exquisite Hotel with beautiful ballroom and massive huge 25 meters long swimming pool and what is the most important you have a view on Hyde Park while you are drinking champagne in a hotel room with you favourite client from New Jersey <3

    Kate, Miss Escort Super Star

    Hotel Cafe Royal Spa

    68 Regent Street, W1B 4DY

    The best holistic center I found by a chance while meeting a client! What a surprise that was because I just recently started to be more interested in energy healing, and here you go. I found the Akasha Holistic Centre through my escorting job. You can experience Watsu, Reiki, and other spiritual treatments in this 5-star Hotel. There is nothing else like it in London; Hotel Cafe Royal spa is an oasis with Eastern traditions.

    I will describe a few treatments I have enjoyed a lot so you will get a taste of it.

    The Four Elements - it is treatment including four elements of Earth-like Water, Earth by grading you throw foot massage, Fire using hot stones, and Air through your scalp massage.

    Relax and Balance Ayurveda - it is an Indian treatment using warm oils and gentle deep relaxing massage. Ending with Indian head massage with the pouring of warm oil onto the third eye to expand your intuition, remove any illusions and calm and refocus your mind.

    Detoxifying Green Tea Vichy Shower Ritual - it starts with stimulating scrub from green tea, pure shea butter, and ginger to purifies and brighten your skin. Then your body is wrapped in green tea and shea butter to detox, nourish and balance. In the end, using the power of water and healing powers of the therapist, you will experience Vichy Shower. Vichy shower originates from the French spa town Vichy, and it combines full body massage techniques with the power of six shower heads that are directed on your body with different pressure points.

    Poetry in Water - the experience of lack of gravity, very relaxing and meditating state, with eyes closed and ears covered your body is carrying by the power of Water.

    Hotel cafe Royal Spa's Motto

    “The moment you relax, you are in the present. Relaxation is going beyond time - no past, no future”.

    That was quite an extraordinary and unexpected experience to have at one of the top London hotels. Whenever I have a busy period with my work, I reward myself with the ancient healings at The Hotel Cafe Royal. Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre is the number 1 on TripAdvisor in the spa and wellness category. Without a doubt, it deserves it to be ranked so high.

    Shontelle, Miss Escort Top Model

    Shangri-La Hotel

    31 St Thomas Street, SE1 9QU

    Do you know the best Hotel for a dinner date or an overnight meeting? There is one - Shangri-La Hotel. Shangri-La Hotel is a London skyscraper at The Shard with the most stylish Gong bar on the 52nd level. The most innovating gym and swimming pool are located on level 52 as well, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing panoramic views of London’s skyline. The panorama is incredible, and it is built by the river Thames next to the Tate Modern and the St Paul's Cathedral. I beg every agency for any overnight meeting there so I can swim in the sky!

    Bella, Highly Rated Miss escort Courtesan

    The Langham Hotel

    1C Portland Place, Regent Park, W1B 1JA

    The Langham hotel promotes social responsibility by showing how the top class hotel can protect our Mother Earth. It is the most environment-friendly Hotel, and first, in Europe luxury hotels achieve Gold Certification from the EarthCheck certification program. Moreover, it is a founder member of the Considerate Hoteliers Association, holds Green Tourism Silver Certification, and it operates a zero waste to landfill waste management program. The hotel management is so committed to building a better future by taking responsibility for their impact on the environment “ One earth. One Home. One Responsibility” They are so cool that I am super excited always to check their eco- friendly ideas. Ah, by the way, it is super escorts tolerant Hotel, never make you feel you are not welcome regardless of the situation.

    The Chuan Body plus Soul spa is a haven in central London, build on Traditional Chinese Medicine values. Among my favourites treatments are Spirulina Wrap, The Lavender Dream, and Chuan Heavenly Jing Luo.

    Monika, Miss Escort Peaceful Earth Warrior

    The Soho hotel

    4 Richmond Mews, W1D 3DH

    As a vegan, I always suggest my regular clients book a table at the Soho hotel. They have the best Vegan Menu, and the hotel staff does not treat you like a prostitute even though they see you coming at 2 am and leaving after 1 or 2 hours. The founder and the most fantastic interior designer change the design of every room every two years, and I love this fat black 4 meters cat at the lobby. I enjoy having afternoon tea at the library or the extraordinary drawing-room.

    Veronica, Miss Escort Girl

    Blakes Hotel

    33 Roland Gardens, SW7 3PF

    You just need to book The Hempel Suite at Blake’s Hotel! It is the ultimate Blakes experience; the moment you enter, you feel like in wonderland. The suite is white and very often chosen by Brides and Grooms, and you can just feel the love in the Air. This room is an extension of the building and has a separate entrance from the Hotel's garden. It feels like you in the cozy private cottage. It is just amazing, and The Blakes hotel has its character with many sides, there is something mysterious about this Hotel. Every room has a unique design, and the corridors look like in old fashion old houses with creaking stairs.

    Kate, Miss Escort female escort

    Brown’s Hotel

    Albemarle Street, W1S 4BP

    I had the most delicious dinner in my life at Bown’s Hotel, the chef of the Hotel is a magician. Bown’s Hotel has a Michelin-starred Chef called Adam Byatt. I do not remember much from my dinner date, but I can still recall the taste of the dishes I ate there. Yes, this Hotel is super hookers friendly, regardless if you arrive in a mini skirt at lunchtime or 3 am; hotel staff won't say a word as long as you know where are you going.

    Chiara, Miss Escort Italian model

    It’s All About Passion

    Luxury in Central London is a must these days, and dozens of VIP London hotels are chasing each other to have a better design, better offer, and new services. We came to some conclusions while we were interviewing our girls, that the passion will always stand our, creativity and genuine hospitality will still stand out. SEO and directors of these Top London hotels who recognise the value in these intangible and unmeasurable values and skills do not need to compete with anyone. They will succeed, and they will beat the competition every single time without checking what others are doing. As you read in this article, the sheep, hospitality, and passion for interior design, for food and healing won over so many other luxuries these 5* star hotels have to offer. Management with a passion knows how to express and communicate their love with their staff and their customers.

    Escort ladies are the wisest women in this world!

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