How was your night, Sir?

    Oh my god, you're not going to believe the time that we had over the last weekend! It turned into one of the most amazing and unforgettable weekends of my life. You'd think that it was going to be a typical weekend, but wow! Crazy.

    It was one of those weekends where everything just seemed to go right and fall into place. A few mates and I were celebrating getting a new client at work. We were going to head to the casino to have a few drinks, but it soon turned into so much more than that!

    We were innocent at that point

    It started with a few drinks at one of the bars at the casino. We were all in a great mood, and the beers were flowing pretty steadily. We decided to throw some money together and chuck it on a few games of roulette. Well, didn't we start winning some serious cash!

    Now the party was getting started. We were all cashed up, and no one had anywhere to go in a hurry, so we decided to make it into a real party. We went and seen the casino reception and organised a suite for the night. There was enough room in this place for all four of us to have a bedroom each and plenty of room to party.

    Dear wives, Brett is to blame!

    One of the other lads, it was Brett decided that the four us weren't enough for a party, so he suggested that we get some female company. There was some resistance because all the boys are married, and they are very faithful husbands. Boring! Brett finally showed who is in charge, and said 'can't you go with the Flow for once? For Fuck's sake!!!' He had dealt with this escort company in London called Miss Escort before. He was telling us all about a few great-looking chicks that he'd gone out with and how gorgeous and open-minded they all were.

    Well, you didn't have to convince me about having some erotic models hanging around. Brett was going through all the incredible escorts that Miss Escort had and how much fun he'd had with them, so we didn't muck around and got them organised.

    It was only a beginning!

    With an hour, these four incredibly sexy young ladies arrived. We started by heading back down to the casino to grab something to eat with the girls at one of the high-end restaurants. I don't know which guy had the marijuana, but we headed outside to pass a few joints around. We were all starting to get pretty high, and the beers and cocktails were beginning to show their effects. We passed the marijuana joints around until they were gone and then headed back into the restaurant with the sexy hookers for dinner.

    You wouldn't believe how much fun it was sitting down in a fancy restaurant, eating delicious food with beautiful women for the company. The girls made everyone relaxed and stress-free. They knew how to act to keep the laughs coming. All of the girls had shown up looking stunning with their tight, sexy dresses and super high heels.

    I felt like I was Jay Gatsby!

    We certainly made an impression as we walked into the restaurant with those beautiful ladies' arm in arm with us. We finished dinner, and then the girls suggested that we all head back into the gaming section of the casino and play a few more games. Well, you wouldn't believe it, but we won even more money. Oh, god, this had to be one of the best casinos in the whole universe. And we were lucky enough to be there with some of the best-looking girls we ever met in real. We had several other guys giving us envious looks as the girls played roulette and poker with us. Laughing and singing, we were rocking it out in the karaoke bar before we decided to call it a night and head back upstairs to the suite.

    Well, the girls knew how to turn it into a higher level! We all thought that it had been fun before, but the girls took it up to a new level! We were all drinking and mixing our cocktails from the minibar, and then we had room service to send us up a heap of food and drinks.

    We are raising our vibrations!

    I don't know whose suggestion it was, but when I came back from the toilet, the boys were playing strip poker in one room, and the drinks were flowing fast and furious. Everyone was dancing and singing, smoking marijuana, having some party stuff, and generally having an absolute ball.

    I even had two of the boys pull me aside and thank Brett and me for organising the best night of their life! I had to thank Brett because it was his idea to get the escort girls from Miss Escort, and those beautiful call-girls were the ones that had made the night fantastic.

    What is sexual freedom?

    The party ended up going to the early hours of the morning before all the alcohol and marijuana started to show signs of affecting us. We had been drinking, dancing, singing, laughing, and having fun for almost twelve hours. Gradually one by one, we all drifted off to our rooms to get some sleep with the sexy ladies by our sides. How can you fall asleep with such hot beauty? So another sexy party began!

    I am sending my regards to Shontelle; she showed me what sexual freedom means. No, I will not tell you, find out yourself! Also, thank you so much Shontelle, for teaching me sex slang like A-L, DFK, CIM, or OWO. It's pretty awesome, no?! I won't be making a fool of myself anymore.

    What's next?

    Even a week later, whenever all the other boys and I get together, we talk about that weekend and how much fun we'd had with these top London prostitutes. Even as I write this story, I have a huge smile plastered all over my face. It indeed was a weekend to remember. Brett called me up the other day, and we're already organising a great weekend party with some of the new chicks from the Miss Escort.

    We plan on partying all weekend long and drinking, smoking, and partying until the early hours of the morning. Man, I can't wait!

    Best regards,

    Ben S, Happy Miss Escort Client

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