Misses Escorts—What Your Elite Escort Girl Will Be Wearing?

    As an elite escort service in London we ensure that your girl is dressed to impress. She is someone you can take with you to the finest restaurants in town, as your date to an upcoming black-tie event, or anywhere you want to go with a gorgeous and well-dressed woman.

    High-End Fashion Designers

    Each of our escort girls has an extensive wardrobe including sexy cocktail dresses and curve-accentuating evening gowns. They shop designer labels like Hervey Ledger and each girl has at least one pair of Christian Louboutin stilettos in her wardrobe. If you have a personal preference or need your escort to dress for a specific event let us know and we will ensure she is dressed to impress. No matter where you go or how formal the occasion your escort will be dressed appropriately.

    Accessorized To Perfection

    Beauty is all about the details which is why our escort women carefully select their jewellery and accessories. While they might not be adorned in precious gemstones, they have a variety of luxurious options to choose from. From her earrings to her necklace, bracelets, cocktail rings, and handbag. As we already mentioned, she will be in a designer stiletto, or a flat or mini heel if the occasion calls for it. This ensures that wherever you go your date will turn heads and elevate your public perception. Not to worry as her attention will be all on you.

    Hair And Makeup

    Our elite escorts are naturally beautiful, but they invest handsomely in their hair, nails, and makeup. Their hair will be styled to perfection, but feel free to let us know if you would like your escort’s hair to be styled up or down. Her nails will be polished and expertly manicured. Each of our girls knows how to apply her makeup to accentuate her beauty. Again, you can let us know your preference—such as if you would like her to have a bold red lip, smoky eye, or a minimal fresh face.

    It’s All About You

    As a boutique firm, our goal is to fulfil your visual fantasy. This might be a girl with a particular hair colour or body type, having the sexiest girl in the room on your arm, an elegant and refined date, or a group of escort women for a night out on the town. As you can see, we have a variety of beautiful girls to choose from making it easy to find the look you desire. Browse our escort’s photos to select a girl who has a look you like, then let us know if you have any special requests for her hair, makeup, or wardrobe. And yes, you can have more than one escort for your day date or night out on the town! Finally, our escorts are intelligent and engaging. So, if you want a deep conversation or someone who can chat up other guests as you mingle in a group setting—she can do that too. It’s all about you!

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